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Tactical rifle scopes are mostly used by the military, police, or other special forces around the globe. In this comparison, we have 15 of the best tactical rifle scopes that are currently on the market, and all have to be in MIL/MIL configurations since these are mostly used by professionals. For all newcomers in the world of sports optics, there are 2 different options in what subtensions the rifle scope ˝clicks˝. The most rifle scopes on the market have clicks in MOA, but true tactical and the most European rifle scopes have clicks in MILs. MIL stands for Miliradian which is an angular measurement, but on rifle scopes, the clicks are counted in 0.1 of a MIL. One click on a rifle scope with 0.1 MIL clicks is always 1 centimeter on 100 meters, or 0.9144 centimeters on 100 yards. Because the clicks are exact 1 centimeter, it is much…

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