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Top 10 CQB rifle scopes of 2018 In this review, I want to present you the top 10 CQB (Close Quarter Battle) rifle scopes, which I sorted depending on their features, build quality, weight differences, and some other special features that are unique in some rifle scopes. In this representation are only tactical wide-angle rifle scopes that were designed for close quarter combat and similar scenarios, where units have to engage targets in buildings or vehicles. Because of the short distance, the magnification has to be very small, and that’s why all have the minimum magnification of only 1x, or some models 1.1x. Sometimes the units have to engage targets also on longer distances, so the bigger the maximal magnification the better. All rifle scopes except one in my top 10 list have the maximal magnification of 8 times, what is plenty to engage targets to even 600 meters or…

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