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Stalking is a hunting method, where a hunter has to sneak up to the animal. In this way, we made some tests of high-end hunting rifle scopes for stalking. Because of physical challenge in stalking hunting, small and light equipment helps a lot. I mean it’s not necessary, you can use bulky and heavy rifle scopes, but with them, you will have problems getting through the woods and you will be more tired than with smaller and lighter rifle scopes. Stalking is also done many times in the mountains. A must in this category are capped turrets. When crawling in the woods through the branches and bushes, caps are protecting the turrets and also preventing from accidental turns. Also, the objective lens diameter of these rifle scopes is smaller than usual, from 32 to 44 mm and 1 inch or 30 mm tube or rail mounting. For stalking purpose those…

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