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The best Picatinny rails for Remington 700 style actions

Until the late ’90s, there was no real mounting standard that was internationally the same. Many manufacturers had their own mounting solution, and many adopted the 2-piece Weaver rail as the mounting solution for their rifles. Because in some cases the rails weren’t 100% in-line, there was some stress on the optic after mounting. This led to malfunctions and internal damage to the optics. Later on, the manufacturers come out with a single-piece design, which removed these errors. Because the U.S. Army wasn’t satisfied with the products already on the market, they put together a team which should develop a better mounting solution for all kind of optics and accessories. After measuring many Weaver rails, they came up with a drawing with average dimensions. After the production of the first rail, it was shipped to Rock Island Arsenal, which is the headquarters of the U.S. Army, where the rail was…

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